职场双语: 减薪还不是最糟的


职场双语: 减薪还不是最糟的

职场双语: 减薪还不是最糟的  A growing number of employers are resorting to salary cuts as the recession drags on. This month alone, A.H. Belo Corp., publisher of the Dallas Morning News, and the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra have announced pay reductions of as much as 15%.
  随着经济衰退的加剧,越来越多的员工只能接受减薪的命运。仅在2009年4月,就有《达拉斯晨报》(Dallas Morning News)发行商A.H. Belo Corp以及亚特兰大交响乐团宣布减薪15%。  
  At some companies, the cuts affect only executive and senior management levels, but many others are adopting an across-the-board approach or tiered salary reductions. Some companies are imposing permanent cuts, and some are promising to return employees to their full pay -- eventually.
  In some cases, companies are trying to confine the pain to higher levels of management. Recreational-vehicle maker Winnebago Industries Inc. in Forest City, Iowa, implemented a tiered salary cut in March. Chief Executive Bob Olson took a 20% pay cut, and other senior executives took a 10% cut; all other salaried employees’ pay was reduced 3%. In February, Hewlett-Packard Co. CEO Mark Hurd took a 20% reduction, and other employees will forfeit between 2.5% and 15% of pay, following similar moves in January by Advanced Micro Devices Inc. in Sunnyvale, Calif.
  一些企业尽量把减薪的阵痛控制在较高的管理层之内。艾奥瓦州弗斯特市的北美房车巨头Winnebago Industries Inc.在2009年3月实施一项分等级减薪措施,首席执行长鲍勃•欧尔森(Bob Olson)减薪20%,别的高管减10%,其他所有员工减薪3%。今年2月,惠普公司(Hewlett-Packard Co.)首席执行长马克•赫德(Mark Hurd)给自己减薪20%,其他员工减薪从2.5%到15%不等,与1月份加州桑尼韦尔的高级微设备公司(Advanced Micro Devices Inc.)所采取的做法差不多。
  Rob Katz, the chief executive of Vail Resorts Inc., a mountain resort chain based in Broomfield, Colo., employing 15,000 people, is forgoing his 2009 pay and taking a 15% pay cut in 2010. His employees will give up between 2.5% and 10%, depending on what they earn. The cuts took effect in April.
  科罗拉多州Broomfield一家山地度假连锁酒店Vail Resorts Inc.有1.5万名雇员,首席执行官罗伯•凯兹(Rob Katz)选择放弃2009年的工资,并把2010年的薪水降低15%;他的员工将根据不同的收入水平减薪2.5%-10%。减薪方案于2009年4月正式实施。
  A January survey by global outplacement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas found that of 100 human-resource professionals surveyed, 27.2% reported that their companies have imposed a salary freeze or cut. A February survey of 245 large U.S. companies conducted by human-resource consultants Watson Wyatt Worldwide found that 4% of companies plan to reduce salary over the next year, with 7% already implementing pay cuts.
  全球再就业介绍机构Challenger, Gray & Christmas于2009年1月所做的一项调查发现,在100名受访的人力资源经理中,有27.2%的人表示其所在公司已冻结加薪或减薪。人力资源咨询企业Watson Wyatt Worldwide 2月份对245家美国大企业进行了调查,发现4%的受访企业在未来一年内计划减薪,7%的企业已经实施减薪。
  Until the current recession, the practice of imposing pay cuts has been ’very rare,’ says John Challenger, chief executive officer of Challenger, Gray & Christmas, despite recent calls for capping executive salaries and bonuses.
  尽管近期舆论呼吁限制企业高管的工资和奖金,但在此次危机之前,减薪的做法“非常少见”,Challenger, Gray & Christmas的首席执行官约翰•钱伦淇(John Challenger)说。
  Other companies have imposed cuts but also added incentives to recoup lost salary. In March, law firm Thompson Hine instituted a pay cut for the first time since the Great Depression. The firm’s roughly 200 associates and nonpartner lawyers, whose salaries typically start in the low $100,000s, were forced to take a $17,500 decrease.
  还有一些企业虽然减薪,但同时推出了激励计划以弥补员工的工资损失。2009年3月,律师事务所Thompson Hine自经济大萧条以来首次推出减薪方案,所里大约有200名非合伙人的律师和助理,年薪一般在十多万美元以上,他们的工资被迫减少1.75万美元。
  ’This was an unusual and aggressive step,’ says David Hooker, managing partner at the Cleveland-based law firm. ’I was nervous [because] anytime you do something like this, it creates anxiety.’ The caveat: Lawyers who bill 1,750 hours can recoup $7,500 of their lost pay, and those who bill 1,900 hours can recoup all of it.
  “这是大刀阔斧、非同寻常的一步,”该所执行合伙人戴维•胡克(David Hooker)说,“我很紧张,(因为)做出这种选择难免会让人焦虑不安。”好在公司给出另一项政策:业务量超过1,750小时的律师可以再拿回 7,500美元,而业务量达到1,900小时的可以补回工资工资。
  Jared Oakes, a 30-year-old associate in the firm’s real-estate group, says that though he isn’t excited about the pay cut, the measure brought some relief. ’In the weeks leading up to the announcement, there were announcements of large law firms making layoffs, and you feel like, ’When is the shoe going to drop at our firm?’’ he says. ’The natural anxiety of the unknown was taken away.’
  30岁的杰瑞德•奥克斯(Jared Oakes)是该所房地产小组的律师助理,他说,虽然对减薪不高兴,但公布的方案还是让他感到欣慰。“宣布减薪那阵子,经常有大型律师事务所裁员的消息传来,所以我们不禁会想,自己所里会有什么措施呢?” 奥克斯说,“等方案一出来,由未知带来的恐慌也就消失了。”职场双语: 减薪还不是最糟的
职场双语: 减薪还不是最糟的